Order by Monday, Pickup on Thursday at Marin Civic Center; Order by Tuesday, Pickup on Saturday at Grand Lake Oakland or Sunday at Clement St., SF.

Fresh from the Farmers Market to curbside pickup

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Last chance to order your Thanksgiving Box!

This week Marin Civic Center Market pickup is Wednesday 25 November.

Last chance to order Monday 23 November.

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Order in advance and pay online through AIM’s secure e-commerce site

The morning of the market, we get fruits and veggies from farmers and pack your box

Pick it up curbside at the farmers market from 11am-1pm on confirmed date

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What People Are Saying

AIM’s Bounty Box is more than just a beautiful box of healthy local food — it’s an opportunity to help support regional farmers whose restaurant accounts nearly disappeared overnight. AIM has done an outstanding job helping farmers make this shift in their supply chain. The Bounty Box inspired me to volunteer and give back to my local community at the Clement Street Market. The program offered a chance to get to know one of MALT’s partners, and it has provided an opportunity to work with AIM’s amazing staff and volunteers.

Jennifer Maude Carlin, MALT Director of Advancement

Picking up our AIM Bounty Box is a bright spot each week! It feels like opening a surprise and I'm so grateful to be able to support our local farms and have access to the most delicious and nutritious foods without having to take the kids out of the car!

Kelly Brown, Real Food House

We started getting the AIM bounty box when the shelter in place started and the produce is so special and high quality that we set a reminder to put in the order once it opens for the next week. We love the variety and peak season produce that we receive, and fun things to play with like fresh garlic, mini artichokes and amazing beans. We are just the two of us living in San Francisco, but my grandparents live in Oakland and we send them food to relieve their anxieties of going to the grocery. They also love the fresh produce we give them, and we like to make soups and stew on Sundays from what is fresh in the market and send it to them. We have made carrot soups, beet soups, a minestrone with fresh cabbage and beans, beet pasta, and lots of amazing salads. We will often make a little extra and also drop off for my friend in the East Bay who just had a baby who said that it's healing her in her early days of motherhood. The AIM bounty box is our favorite new discovery of the quarantine!

Eva Sasson

The Bounty Boxes from AIM have been a critical lifeline for families because there are very few food supports on weekends. Not only do residents in need such as seniors, families with young children and Covid-positive households, get a box of produce delivered on a Saturday after, but they are getting the freshest vegetables and fruits picked within the last 24 hours. The AIM Bounty Boxes are the best food item Trybe distributes, out of the 25,000 lbs (1,400 boxes) of food distributed each week. These 50 boxes lift up spirits, inspire healthy cooking, to try out new recipes, and feel good about what children are consuming. Examples of meals made with the bounty boxes are pupusas (with the squash and potatoes), tacos (with avocados, lettuce, and white onion), rice infused with golden beets cooked with corn on cob in the rice cooker, kim chee and cabbage salad for fried fish, and just plain but tasty steamed vegetables that even the kids will eat. 

Andrew Park, Executive Director, Trybe